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Santorini island in Greece
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Hotels in Akrotiri Santorini

Hotels in Akrotiri Santorini

Top Reasons to Choose Hotels in Akrotiri, SantoriniBook a Hotel in Akrotiri village Santorini island.

Akrotiri is one of the oldest and most traditional villages of Santorini and is located on the south side of the island with a few houses and beautiful traditional and modern hotels to choose to stay during your summer vacation in Greece.

Many of these hotels are located on the side of the caldera on the beautiful cliffs of Santrini and with a wonderful view to the unique volcano of the island. There are other accommodations for your stay which are built in the traditional alleys of the village with beautifully renovated Suite style rooms and in a different version of hotel accommodation in a Cave House, villas and Apartments in Akrotiri village.

Hotels in Akrotiri village Santorini island, Greece
Hotels in Akrotiri village Santorini island, Greece

The village “Akrotiri” and its history

If you visit the Archaeological site of Akrotiri, the Museum, you will understand that the village has a long history dating back to the Minoan prehistoric years as here you will find the ruins of a prehistoric civilization and unique wall murals with representations that testify to the existence of an ancient Greek community many thousands of years ago.

It is no coincidence that the Ancient City of Akrotiri has been characterized by many archaeologists as the first Organized City in Europe.

The Location on Santorini and natural beauty

The name “Akrotiri” in the Greek language means “built on the Edge” since in fact the village is located at the southern tip of the island to the Lighthouse of Santorini with traditional Cycladic Architecture and many Vineyards and agricultural crops with local products such as tomatoes, eggplants and others.

In the center of the village you can find the old Venetian Castle, also known as “Kastelli”, from where you will admire the whole view of Santorini from the village of Oia to Imerovigli and the capital of the island, Fira.

Akrotiri Santorini view from the Castle
Akrotiri traditional village in Santorini & grapes
Akrotiri traditional village in Santorini
Akrotiri village Traditional Cycladic alleys in Santorini
Light House Akrotiri Santorini
Sunset point at Akrotiri village
The traditional small village of Akrotiri

Local Cuisine and Traditional Taverns

In Akrotiri you will find many Greek Taverns and restaurants with a long family tradition and with fresh products and local delicacies with good Santorini wine.
Try traditional local food and choose a good wine made from fine grape varieties by experienced local winemakers

Akrotiri Traditional Taverns next to the sea -Santorini local Restaurant best Food
Akrotiri Traditional Taverns next to the sea
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